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A professional, friendly, articulate, dude!

Like drinking your favorite blond roast coffee, with a little cream and sugar, this voice is bold, smooth, sweet, light, and rich. I’ll tell you what button to click to continue (spoiler: it’s “next”), or I’ll tell you a funny story about what happens when you don’t follow the rules like Carl (oh, Carl...apparently, he’s not much for coffee). It’s important to listen to all the options, as our menu may have changed (I’m a versatile man), but I’ll calmly and confidently be sure to explain those options as clearly as crisp, refreshing, natural spring water.

I’ve got a voice that’s good for corporate e-learning as well as goofing off as an animated porcupine, and pretty much everything in between, with the comedic and dramatic acting chops to back it all up. I love acting with my voice as my main medium, and I think you might love what I can do too.


I am a trained Theatrical actor with a BS in Speech and Theatre from Middle TN State University (2007) where a portion of my training included voiceover techniques. I’ve also taken part in voiceover and acting classes with Class Act Studios in Orlando, FL. And I am a member of Gravy for the Brain, a wealth of resources in training, mentoring, and coursework related to voice acting techniques, studio setup, audio engineering, and almost anything else in the voiceover field.


I have voiced e-learning for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Extended Stay America, First Watch, Booz Allen, Core Civic, Goodall Homes, and many more.

I have also voiced several voices for an audio play of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, scenes for an online educational game with Centervention, and a couple children’s books while I was in college.


I’m a trained improviser, and I have a fair working knowledge of Studio One 5 and Rx 7.

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